Resort Report: Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa

It was a beautiful summer Saturday, the day after my birthday, and I wanted nothing more than to relax and soak up the sun with a friend who was visiting from out of town.

As a new member of the ResortPass team, I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to visit one of our hotel partners in the San Diego area. Living in America’s Finest City, I’m lucky enough to have access to some amazing resort amenities – all thanks to ResortPass!

I wanted to approach the booking process the same way any of our guests would, so I started by researching available properties on Since it is a Saturday in the summer, some of our hotel partners reserve their pool for overnight guests only. Not to worry, though, there were still plenty of options for my friend and I to choose from. We recently welcomed the Hilton San Diego Resort and Spa to the ResortPass family, so I decided it was time to get to know the property a little better.

My friend and I arrived at the resort at 11:00 am. We had no trouble finding parking and made our way into the lobby to check in. We had a little bit of a hiccup when the clerk at the front desk couldn’t find our reservation, but she admitted she hadn’t gone through the ResortPass check-in process before and, considering this was one of our newer partners, we just chalked it up to working out a few initial kinks. We overheard another group of girls checking in for their ResortPass cabana and it sounded like all was going smoothly!

Once the front desk clerk was able to locate our reservation, we were all set! She gave us wristbands and a key to access the pool area, and went ahead and validated our parking ticket so we didn’t have to remember to come back before leaving.

We headed into the pool area to look for the perfect location to set up for a day of food, drinks, and relaxation under the California sunshine. The pool area was a little crowded with a lot of kids, but we eventually found a peaceful spot away from all of the screaming and splashing.

As soon as we were situated on our pool chairs, we began perusing the menu for some cocktail and lunch options. We didn’t have to wait long for service at all. Within minutes of picking up our menus, a smiling server appeared to ask if she could take our order. I opted for the Bloody Mary and my friend chose the Raspberry Champagne cocktail.

We both ordered the Grilled Chicken Wrap with fries. After placing our order, our server asked for our room number. We explained that we weren’t staying on the property and were using ResortPass. She gave us an extra big smile and a warm welcome. It was nice to know we belonged there.

We enjoyed a lovely afternoon at the pool! We ordered more drinks (Pina Coladas this time!), napped in the sun, took a dip to cool off in the lovely salt water pool, and enjoyed the beautiful resort setting and surrounding views of Mission Bay.

We left around 5:00 pm and had no issues upon leaving the property. We returned our pool keys, our parking had already been validated, and we set off on our merry way, blissfully content from our sunny daycation!

What We Loved: The beautiful resort setting, the delicious food and cocktails, our friendly and attentive server

What We Ordered: Grilled Chicken Wrap with Fries

Cocktails We Tried: Bloody Mary, Raspberry Champagne Spritz, Pina Colada

Temperature: 75 degrees and sunny (perfection!)

What do you think? Could the Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa be your next daycation? Day passes start at just $35 for adults, and cabanas are available, too! Click here to learn more.

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